Anergy - Old school punk with a modern twist

"With ripping vocals and a noisy-ass guitar solo, it delivers something that Charleston is in serious need of: guts."

--DJ Edwards, Extrachill

"Like always, the band's punchy performance provides what their name implies: break-stuff energy and righteous anger."

--Charleston City Paper

"Guest vocalist Ash Vapor gives a killer performance, screaming every audible version of the middle finger she can think of."

--Charleston City Paper

"They do not restrict themselves to a single genre and can be best described by their high energy and 'in-your-face' vibe."

--Aika Ishimori, Turntable Ruminations

"Anergy opens with a charged sound that finds its foundation in classic hardcore acts like D.O.A., while branching into ska, psychobilly and grunge."

--Bryan Reed, Post and Courier

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 Punk band anergy makes honest music - Charleston City Paper

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